maandag 29 november 2010

Merry, Merry Christmas Everyone

... is the title of Jon's upcoming Christmas single.

The track can be previewed on the link below and will be available for purchase online on December 7th. smile

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Jon Releasing Christmas Single

Jon will be releasing a Christmas song he wrote himself. The release date has yet to be announced.

From his Facebook/Twitter on November 10:

"Just picked the cover for the Christmas song! It's coming soon, my friends! (meaning the song...and Christmas too)"

More to come..

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Koffeehouse Featured Artist of the Week

By: Koffeehouse Editor, Christopher Eric

He's had two Top 40 Billboard singles ("Beautiful Disaster," "Beating My Heart"), toured with the likes of Koffeehouse favorites OneRepublic, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, Duffy, Paolo Nutini and Kelly Clarkson, and licensed songs to hit shows like Scrubs, Ghost Whisperer and A Little Thing Called Life. But it was Jon McLaughlin's jaw-dropping performance of the Oscar-nominated So Close during the live worldwide telecast of the Academy Awards-- the same song he sang when he starred as himself in the Disney hit-movie Ella Enchanted with Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams-- that was a career defining moment for the 25 year-old pop rock singer-songwriter and pianist from Anderson, Indiana. The appearance re-ignited his Island Records debut album, spurring a 1,514% overnight sales increase at Amazon, sending it to the #1 spot on its Movers & Shakers chart, and his single, "Beautiful Disaster", attracted over 420,000 digital fans (including Koffeehouse) when featured as the iTunes Download of The Week.

On the eve of heading out to Los Angeles to perform at Koffeehouse's 4th Annual "Evening of Independence" Concert to benefit MusiCares on August 7, 2010 (, Jon opened up to Koffeehouse about a wide-variety of subjects, including arm-wrestling Ryan Tedder, what is was like to play in front of a billion or so people, and making Perez Hilton's "hit list."

Q&A with Jon McLaughlin

KH: We might as well cut to the chase, Jon. One of your biggest fans is Perez Hilton who has posted at least one picture of you on his site and has referred to you as “dreamy” and “yummy.” Are you blushing, flattered or disturbed?

JM: Well when it comes to Perez Hilton, you know, he can get pretty ruthless so I'm just glad I'm on his good side (smile).

KH: You’ve played live before one of the biggest TV audiences in history when you performed So Close from Ella Enchanted during the Academy Awards. So were you more nervous when you sang the national anthem for Koffeehouse before 20,000 screaming fans at Game #2 of the Celtics v. Magic NBA Conference Finals, or singing in front of Jack, Gwenyth and Leo?

JM: The Oscars definitely! I've never been more nervous than I was standing at that microphone behind that curtain. The only way I would've been more nervous is if I were just singing in a room with just Jack, Gwyneth, and Leo.

KH: Any pre-show traditions or superstitions? Anything you MUST do before you get out on stage?

JM: I've tried all kinds of things. None that have stood the test of time. So these days I'm pretty chill before a show - just the usual vocal warm ups, hot tea, jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups, push pops, pop tarts...

KH: We know you recently got married (Amy) which spurs us on to ask whether being in a healthy, happy, long-term relationship basically one of the worst things that can happen to a singer-songwriter?

JM: Well, I do think it's true that we get some of the best songs in history out of heartache, but I think it's partly because heartache is so universal. I love breakup songs, always have, always will - I have the greatest marriage ever I'm pretty sure, but I can always write a song about heartbreak. You never forget what heartbreak feels like.

KH: You write most of your own songs, but you’ve performed songs written by others. Which gives you more satisfaction: writing a great song, or performing someone else's song great?

JM: Definitely writing. As much writing as I've done in the last 8 or 9 years, there have only been a few times when a song has come along and really got me excited and there's just nothing else like it in the world. Nothing can phase me on the days I write a song that I feel really good about.

KH: We hear that regularly playing piano builds strong forearms. So what happens when you and Ryan Tedder (frontman of OneRepublic) arm-wrestle?

JM: It's been awhile since I've seen Ryan "Forearms" Tedder, but we played a show together in Chicago once and he had a broken foot and was walking around on crutches so arm wrestling was out of the question because, you know, the cast would throw his center of gravity off just wouldn't have been fair.

KH: What's your "freeway only" song? You know, that song you will blast while driving alone on the freeway, but you’ll turn it down low at a stoplight because you'd be embarrassed if people knew you actually liked that song.

JM: "I Think We're Alone Now" - by Tiffany. Do NOT tell anyone.

KH: Can Jon McLaughlin listen to and enjoy Jon McLaughlin songs in the car?

JM: Well I've taken the last year off just to do some writing for the new record so I actually end up listening to new demos I've made quite a bit. I wouldn't say I always enjoy listening to them though!

KH: You’ve worked with a lot of fantastic singer songwriters like Jason Reeves, Brett James and Troy Verges. Have you ever sat down for a songwriting session and a song just magically came together without much effort?

JM: I wrote a song with a guy named Gabe Dixon, one of my favorite musicians. We wrote a song called "Far From Home" which went on the Gabe Dixon Band's last record. That was one of the rare times when I sat down at the piano with someone and ideas just started flying. Most of the time I write pretty slow though.

KH: So we hear that you had a writing session with Jason Reeves and somehow stumbled upon writing a song about Amy Winehouse. We gotta know how that happened.

JM: He pulled up his MacBook and on his home screen there was a news story about Amy Winehouse and how she and her husband had just been in a fight with each other and they looked like they tore each other up! So it started out with us just looking at the pictures and reading the article and talking about how crazy / crazy-in-love they were and then ended up writing a song from their perspective called, "You Are the One I Love".

KH: So F*&%, Marry, Kill is soooo 2008. Let’s play Tour, Duet, and Delete. Tell us the one artist you’d want to tour with, the one artist you’d want to record with, and the one artist whose song you’ve been meaning to delete from your iTunes library.

JM: I would tour with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - I would never get bored watching their show every night. I would love to do a duet with Billy Joel. And ever since I saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert a few months ago, I've been meaning to delete everything of his from my library. I can't stand how freakishly talented that guy is! Makes me want to quit music altogether!

KH: We know you are working on recording your new album. What can your fans expect from the new album? And how long does Perez have to wait for some new material?

JM: The new record is coming along really well. I've never taken so much time to do it right before and I've never worked so hard on anything before. So I hope Perez and all my other fans love this record and love what they hear because the music I'm making now is definitely me. I'm not trying for anything or trying to be anyone else but myself.

Well, don't worry Jon, we'll only tell a few thousand people about your Tiffany secret.

Source: Facebook Note by Christopher Eric (tag: Jon McLaughlin)

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

New Songs on Youtube

Two of the 3 new songs performed at Military Park have been uploaded on Youtube.

Promising Promises

You Are What I'm Here For

zondag 6 juni 2010

Military Park Show - June 5, 2010

I don't have details about the Military Park show that took place yesterday afternoon, but I did find a photo set on Flickr, you can view the pics in this link :

One of the pictures was of the setlist and on it showed some brand new songs he performed (bolded below):

Beating My Heart
Always On My Mind
Promising Promises

You Are the One I Love
You Are What I'm Here For

Come Together (cover)
Why I'm Talking to You
Four Years
Maybe It's Over, But I Don't Feel It


Beautiful Disaster

I found the other 'untitled song' he performed in NYC is "Maybe It's Over, But I Don't Feel It", which is a line he sings during the chorus.

dinsdag 1 juni 2010

From Malibu to Carmel (not the one by the sea)

Here's a great, new interview with Jon that has him talk about moving from California back to Indiana, the writing process for the upcoming album, his early days as a performer, and a sneak-peak of his upcoming show in Military Park, IN that shouldn't be missed (this weekend!).

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

3 Other Unreleased Songs

I've discovered 3 more unreleased songs last night. It's amazing how these songs pop up out of nowhere. Two of them didn't have titles and are fairly recent, and the other has a title and was recorded over 2 years ago.

The Words (followed by Industry) - this is the oldest unreleased track I found. It would have probably ended up on OK Now. Performed at the UGA on April 2008.

Untitled - performed at the Indiana State Fair, last August. This would be a great album opener for the upcoming record.

Untitled - performed at the Launchpad in Albuqueque, NM (2009?)

I will be putting up the audio very soon, enjoy these videos in the meantime.

vrijdag 30 april 2010

Indiana - Live In-studio Acoustic

Here is a live in-studio acoustic performance of Indiana at Sweetwater Sound's studio, released for the second volume of Majic Miracle Music compilation (in 2007) to raise money for a local children's hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Enjoy :)

donderdag 29 april 2010

Origins Rocks Earth Month Concert Highlights

Here is a video highlight of the Origins Rocks Earth Month at Webster Hall in NYC featuring Jon, Ryan Star, Juliette Lewis and Macy Gray.

Music: "Beauty In The World" by Macy Gray

Here are some pictures from Zimbio:

2 Sets From Flickr (Photos by Jacob Blickenstaff)

woensdag 28 april 2010

Another Untitled Song

I found this video that was recorded at the Origins concert. Jon performed another new song right after his Billy Joel cover of "New York State of Mind." As I've listened to some the lyrics, it could be the song "You Never Know What You Have" that he's mentioned before. If anyone knows the actual title, please let us know! :)

Check it out here:

Download the audio here:

And it seems like he has performed "Be Someone" in the past. This one was uploaded in September of last year.